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Heretat de Cesilia

On Saturday May 30 we visited the Casa Sicilia winery located in the province of Alicante, next to the river Vinalopó 220 meters above sea level, with little relief, a naturally drawn shape, forming the vineyard which dominates the area. The Heretat de Cesilia, which during the centuries of its existence was known as the area where it is located: Cesilia, Secilia, Caecilia, Sesilia, Sisilia… was created by the Marquis de la Romana in 1707. The vineyards of Casa Sicilia are expanded to four settings in Novelda: Alcaydías, Ledua, La Mola and Sicilia.  They are located in a conjunction near the hill of  «La Mola», the Sanctuary of Saint Mary Magdalene and the Castle of La Mola (La Muela- Mound) with an ancient defensive almogáva tower origins, were almogaraves (warriors) once inhabited. The peculiarity of this tower is that it was one of the few that were not located on the top of a hill, nevertheless it dominated the territory. Just a couple of similar privileged locations can be found in the Region of Valencia: Kelin (Requena) and Heretat (Novelda). Not to mention that the Roman road Via Augusta passed behind the winery centuries ago…


Heretat is not only wine but also a tribute to scientist and naval engineer Jorge Juan, and we can see his bust in the garden, as a homage to its birthplace.

In this family winery Heretat de Cesilia we can talk to the winemaker and technical director Sebastien Boudon (France). Belonging to the fourth generation of a winemaker family from Bordeaux, his extensive experience in Alsace and Rhône has given a personal touch to all wines from the cellar.

Heretat Cesilia


Today Heretat has 20 hectares of vineyards planted in the years 1995-2000. First they planted the red varieties Merlot and Monastrell (autochtonous) and then white varieties which include Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat and Malvasia, also native from the area. The characteristic of all these grapes is that they carry the unmistakable personality of the terroir which is then smoothened and highlighted during the months of work and development in the winery.



And what is the secret of this winery? It makes a marvelous rosé wine using a local pressing procedure known as «bleeding» (extraction of a part of must and leaving the other part with skins for individual fermentation and joining them afterwards). We could say that apart from being the flagship of the winery this rosé wine is also a «brand» of Sebastian Boudon. The wine has been carefully made by manually picking and selecting the grapes, then quickly emptying the harvest boxes and pressing the grapes. These are the keys to obtaining that pale pink, onion-skin-like color. Sebastian´s philosophy in this wine relies heavily on the process of fermentation with lees that help to create that silky feeling in mouth.

This rosé is a really strong and pleasant argument to taste a Heretat de Cesilia!

Visit to the winery

Visit to the winery

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